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Welcome Back To Julies Place !!

To those of you who have written, and those of you who havent but wondered
where the music went anyyyyway :) ,, It's Baaaaaaaack :)
I decided to take this opportunity to rework the web site,
to give it a new look.
The Buttons that arent clickable yet will be as I continue to
add to the web site, and new buttons will be added as well.
If this is your first visit to Julies Place Enjoy your visit :)
and if its not your first visit, then welcome back :)
                                                            Julie  October 2001

Hi there :) ,, I'm so glad that you stepped into my world of music :)
"For as long as I can remember music has practically been my whole world :)
and I want to share that world with you here ,,
Music can make us happy ,,
or sad ,, make us laugh or make us cry ,, it is my passion ,,
my love ,,, and my life. If I had the whole world to give to you ,,
I would give it to you in the form of a song that
you could carry it with you in your heart and soul
to always know that you will be in my heart forever more ,,, " Julie :)


Notice: All songs are copyrighted by their artists and record companies.
They are only here for entertainment purposes . I gain nothing from this
site except the enjoyment and fun of putting it together and no copyright
infringement is intended. If you enjoy these songs here please please please
show your support to the artists and their labels by purchasing them from
your local record store.